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F-Gas Guide

Who does it apply to?

This document describes the requirements for owners and operators of refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump systems. The information is taken directly from Regulation (EC) 842/2006 (F-Gas) and is a brief overview of the articles within it relevant to the above equipment which use F-Gas refrigerants.

When does it come into force?

4th July 2007

Are you the owner or operator?

The owner is responsible for the operator’s actions; the operator is the person responsible for ensuring that the equipment is compliant under the regulation.

In certain circumstances this responsibility could come under the remit of the maintaining contractor or the owner as they can be found to be equally responsible for complying with the regulation.

What is the regulation intended to control?

This particular legislation is aimed at the release of global warming gasses used in refrigeration and air conditioning by containment through regular leak checking (Also known as F-Gases for completeness and listed in the regulation).

Companies should have a system in place to carry out these checks and to monitor refrigerant usage. Ideally fixed leak detection equipment used for early detection.

How often do these checks need to be done in order to comply?

Only certified personnel can carry out these checks. The frequency is determined by the refrigerant charge in the system and also whether fixed leak detection has been installed. Please refer to the table below:

Refrigerant Charge in SystemNumber of checks per year without fixed leak detectionNumber of checks per year with fixed leak detection
3 – 30kg 1 1
30 – 300kg 2 1
300kg + 4 2

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